Win lifestyle products for pennies on the dollar

LONG BRANCH, N.J., Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New Jersey entrepreneur Sammy Gindi recently launched two new websites, and, with the mission of making the dream of luxury living accessible to everyone. Both sites offer fun and easy competitions, low entry fees, and statistically high chances to win an incredible array of prizes, including some of the most luxurious items on the market.

Gindi's selection of the most iconic luxury vehicles, including the 2019 Aston Martin DB11, Range Rover Velar, and Mercedes S560, distinguishes from anything that has come before. With all-inclusive vacations, Rolex watches, Chanel handbags, drone kits and more, the offerings at are equally impressive. Entry tickets start at less than a dollar.


According to Gindi, "We are legally obligated to use a game of skill to determine the winner of our competitions. We use Spot the Ball as it is a widely recognized, fun and easy way to enter. You will be shown a photograph that does not contain a ball. You must use your skill and judgement to determine where the center of the ball should be." With one guaranteed winner out of every 7500 entries at GindiAuto, and one every 5000 entries at GindiLife, both sites offer statistically higher odds of winning. Multiple entries are permitted.

After running several successful small businesses, working as an equity trader, and serving as a sales executive for a global luxury brand to acquire the high price tag items he desired, Gindi searched for a way to make these items more accessible. His love of all things luxury, and his desire to share his passion with others is the inspiration behind the brand.

"We're bringing a new level of luxury to the game," says Gindi, "and applying the best practices for web-based competitions. Inspired by the possibilities of crowdfunding, we believe that by bringing together a community of people with a shared appreciation for the finest things in life, we can make an elite lifestyle accessible to everyone. The concept is very simple, but the results can be life-changing."

After a successful soft launch in April, the company is pursuing an expansive marketing campaign in order to fulfill its mission of delivering these luxurious prizes as quickly as possible.

"We are so excited to announce our first winners!" says Gindi. "You could be next! We look forward to building your trust."